A Hundred and One Days: A Baghdad Journal

A Hundred and One Days A Baghdad Journal For one hundred and one days Asne Seierstad worked as a reporter in Baghdad Always in search of a story far less obvious than the American military invasion Seierstad brings to life the world behind

  • Title: A Hundred and One Days: A Baghdad Journal
  • Author: Åsne Seierstad
  • ISBN: 9780465076017
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • For one hundred and one days Asne Seierstad worked as a reporter in Baghdad Always in search of a story far less obvious than the American military invasion, Seierstad brings to life the world behind the headlines in this compelling and heartbreaking account of her time among the people of Iraq From the moment she first arrived in Baghdad on a ten day visa, she was deteFor one hundred and one days Asne Seierstad worked as a reporter in Baghdad Always in search of a story far less obvious than the American military invasion, Seierstad brings to life the world behind the headlines in this compelling and heartbreaking account of her time among the people of Iraq From the moment she first arrived in Baghdad on a ten day visa, she was determined to unearth the modern secrets of an ancient place and to find out how the Iraqi people really live What do people miss most when their world changes overnight What do they choose to say when they can suddenly say what they like Seierstad reveals what life is like for everyday people under the constant threat of attack first from the Iraqi government and later from American bombs Displaying the novelist s eye and lyrical storytelling that have won her awards around the world, Seierstad here brings to life an unforgettable cast of characters, from foreign press apparatchik Uday, to Zahra, a mother of three, to Aliya, the guide and translator who becomes a friend Putting their trust in a European woman with no obvious agenda, these and other Iraqis speak for themselves, to tell the stories we never see on the evening news.

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      Åsne Seierstad

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    1. Åsne Seierstad

      Asne Seierstad has received numerous awards for her journaism and has reported from such war torn regions as Chchnya, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq She is fluent in five languages and lives in Norway.

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    1. sne Seierstad is a freelance Norwegian journalist who has spent time in various trouble spots in the world This book is about time she spent in Baghdad, before, during and after its invasion by America and the UK in 2003.Most of the book centres on the lead up to the invasion It was difficult for journalists to stay in Iraq, and there are long descriptions of the administrative machinations she goes through in order to retain her visa She faces difficulties at every turn endless promises that ar [...]

    2. This is a dated book as the armed American incursion into Iraq is long over, but it retains validity as an account of an impartial witness to the events leading up to the actual arrival of coalition troops on scene As such, it is a welcome relief from the accounts of those American apologists who justify coalition excesses as payback for a non existent Iraqi involvement in 9 11.I pity the poor Iraqi people under Saddam they were oppressed, kidnapped, murdered, raped and submitted to every imagin [...]

    3. For the first time I send an email to my editors with the title Nothing from Baghdad today I am at the epicentre of the world s attention and can find nothing to write about p232 Good doesn t seem a respectful word to describe a book of war journalism, nor does it seem right to say that I enjoyed it, perhaps you can take my enthusiasm as read and my recommendation for granted.The title evokes a thousand and one nights, while Seierstad certainly tumbles us from one story to another there is an ov [...]

    4. Something of a modern day Scheherezade, Norwegian journalist Seierstad continued reporting by satellite to TV audiences in Europe during the 101 days preceding and then during the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 For readers interested in the gathering of news in war zones, her book provides extensive insight into off camera footwork and dealing with bureaucratic and political obstacles that prevent access to the hearts and minds of everyday citizens, her primary interest as a reporter When the [...]

    5. During the US invasion of Iraq in 2003,this bold Norwegian journalist Asne Seierstad was reporting from Baghdad.No stranger to war zones having also written books about the conflicts in Afghanistan,Serbia and Chechnya ,the intrepid reporter s war journal depicts the raw suffering of the people of Iraq as they tried to survive a massive aerial bombing campaign.Oblivious to the personal danger she confronted,Seierstad s book is humane and compassionate.

    6. Voor mij is de graphic novel Footnotes in Gaza 2009 van Joe Sacco nog altijd onovertroffen als het werk over de onmogelijkheid voor een oorlogscorrespondent om feit van fictie te kunnen onderscheiden Nog los van de eigen positie die een journalist in zijn of haar verslaggeving meeneemt, wordt het verhaal be nvloed en gestuurd door andere factoren de herinneringen en trauma s van ge nterviewden, de politieke machtsblokken die bepalen wat wel en wat niet gezien of gehoord mag worden sne Seierstad [...]

    7. A Hundred and One Days A Baghdad Journal is the third of Seierstad s books which I have read to date, and has been translated from the Norwegian by Ingrid Christophersen This particular reportage comes from Iraq, where Seierstad stayed for over three months in the beginning of 2003 A Norwegian award winning journalist, she had been sent to the country in order to report upon the war and its aftermath she arrives before said war, and is able to report upon the state of politics, and the way of li [...]

    8. This is similar to the book written by Anne Garrels about reporting from Iraq just prior to, during, and after the beginning of the war between the U.S and Iraq Both experienced the same problems of dealing with the Iraqi military and propaganda systems and trying to do their jobs at the same time, all while being cobbled by the minder forced on them by Iraq Seierstad was lucky enough to replace her first minder with a much better and sympathetic female after a couple of weeks Seierstad s focus [...]

    9. The author worked as a news reporter in Baghdad before, during, and just after the 2003 war which toppled Saddam s power This is an account of those experiences the citizens she met and talked to, the colleagues she worked with, and the system she was forced to work within with minders and translators It s also an account of the emotional roller coaster she rode by being in the middle of a war zone I found that I really enjoyed this largely because of the different perspective that it cast on wo [...]

    10. This is a compelling read especially as some 14 years later it helps inform the world we live in today There are 2 sides to this book an intriguing account of life as a foreign correspondent and the war story Regarding the first I am in awe of Seierstad s bravery and want to know about what motivates her Regarding the war story it is a timely reminder of how complex the western worlds relationship is with the Middle East and a fierce and frightening reminder of how war impacts drastically and d [...]

    11. Asne Seierstad is an intriguing person A Norwegian blend of beauty, toughness and compassion, she possesses all the powers of observation and reporting skill that make for a riveting tale of the first 101 days of the U.S invasion of Iraq in 2003 The first half of the book sees Seierstad navigating the bureaucracy of Iraq, which was staggering in its ineptitude, callousness and corruption As a condition of her journalism visa, she was required to have a minder translator who was there to both fac [...]

    12. This unassuming norweigan stays in baghdad from January to April of 2003, long after most of the other journalists have been ordered or forced to leave the area she witnesses the war on terror firsthand I wanted to like this book , but it s not really easy to read and riddled with editing and spelling mistakes at least in this edition there s probably a whole lot that is lost in translation on this one The style is distractingly short and choppy and jumpy there s not a continuity of vision and s [...]

    13. I have mixed personal feeling about this book The writing and the way it flows is great I have never been a supporter of Bush s war in Iraq, but I knew that the fear and torture that the iraquis endured will under Saddam had to be stopped I never understood why the iraqui people were so fond of saddam but after reading this book i understood, that with fear you can suppress your people That loving saddam is tought in the schools and how he is EVERYWHERE It also shows how most of the middle class [...]

    14. Fans of The Bookseller of Kabul will be a little bit disappointed in Asne Seierstad s A Hundred and One Days because it doesn t go into as much detail about the everyday lives of ordinary people This books is mostly about Seierstad s experiences as a journalist in Baghdad, as opposed to the the snapshot into the life of a family she gave us in The Bookseller of Kabul Due to the restraints placed upon her as a journalist and upon the citizens of Iraq, Seierstad was not allowed to get nearly as in [...]

    15. My reasons for not liking this book are as follows 1 It is not written in Seierstad s usual manner where she writes about the lives of her subjects this book is about her experiences2 Because of the very nature of the former Iraqi system you don t get as much information as in her other books You share her frustration in the lack of access to the real story but that doesn t make up for its absence.Her other books however rate very highly with me, I recommend them, but not this one.

    16. this is the only account i ve read of what it was like to be in baghdad when the war started as it s an account by a western journalist, it can t really provide much insight on what it was like for iraqis i do think seierstad does a pretty good job of presenting the severity of saddam s regime pre war and she tries to share the range of reactions of iraqis to the u.s invasion however, the latter is lacking since she left soon after troops arrived in baghdad i m sure there are other accounts out [...]

    17. I hate wars All kind of wars This book is an eye opening, telling the truth of what American soldiers did to the Iraqi civilians I repeat CIVILIANS I wonder how would the world react if it happened vice versa.

    18. Amazing to see the courage of a journalistenters into Bagdaad with a ten day visa and extends it just as others are leaving.Good book, gives good information about the war and the people living there.

    19. Iraq is a land of paradoxes It hosted one of the oldest civilizations known to the world and is currently the theater of the most savage ideology of all in the form of the Islamic State It is rich in oil wealth, but the people are poor in the war ravaged country The pathetic fall of Iraq is the handiwork of a dictator named Saddam Hussein abd al Majid al Tikriti, who ruled the country for 24 long years 1979 2003 , before he was thrown out by American troops His tenure as President of Iraq was to [...]

    20. I really enjoyed reading this book I spent time in the middle east during the first gulf war, and it was interesting to read about this Norwegian reporters view from the ground I was particularly interested in her description of the Iraqi s feeling about the Americans who were invading We don t get much information during war time that is not filtered by our own American lens, and this truly isn t The book reads like a journal the author is very reporter like, and it jogged a lot of memories of [...]

    21. I do not know what to make of this book The blurb promises that it is a book about the other side of the story, stories not about war, being torn apart and trying to survive it the war However, you begin reading it and the war is all there is it to it I feel that the writer went to great lengths to explain how whatever stories the Iraqis had was propaganda from the Saddam regime I feel that it was negatively skewed against the Iraqis who supported the regime There is need for the countries peopl [...]

    22. What sort of a game is this How long will it continue How much longer must I praise Saddam s shining hair How often will Takhlef boast about the victories of the revolution and how wonderful everything would be in Iraq but for sanctions He knows he is lying, he knows that I know he is lying, he knows I am lying, he knows that I know that he knows that I am lying A fascinating and funny memoir of a journalist during the last year of Saddam s regime in Iraq.

    23. Incredibly moving account of Asne Seierstad s life as a war correspondent in Baghdad before the US invaded and after It s not very often you hear this story from the inside out and it s definitely worth a read.

    24. Rating 4.5 rounded to 5Iraq s deterioration as a nation started in 1980 because of the 8 year Iran Iraq war started by Saddam Hussein and then the disastrous invasion of Kuwait 2 years after the war And then there was the 12 years UN sanction.Asne Seierstad goes on a 10 day visa as a reporter in Baghdad for Scandinavian, German, and the Dutch media She is there to cover a possible was between Iraq and America But Iraq is in the clutches of Saddam Hussein and the journalists are not allowed to go [...]

    25. The book is absolutely heartbreaking and a solid reminder that even when you try to report only the truth there are always alternative facts to sort through Our news reporting is so short and with such a fast turnaround time that you really need to balance it with detailed and personal stories By simply being in the country and working side by side with members of the community she meets people who are all good at heart but have opposing views about what has happened and what should happen in t [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book by Norwegian reporter Asne Seierstad It was honest and eye opening In The Bookseller of Kabul, I found Seierstad to be an exceptionally perceptive and balanced journalist, and I think she was equally successful at presenting facts in a very human way and avoiding moral judgments in A Hundred and One Days.The book consists of three sections Before the war , During and After As I began the book, I wondered how much the average Iraqi had supported Saddam Hussein and what [...]

    27. Well, I have two quarrels with this book One is that I had assumed it would be about the Iraq war, but it was really about what it s like to be a war journalist As such, it s just a kind of memoir and reveals little about the war, chiefly because the writer s experience is one of not knowing what s going on It therefore may be of interest to someone who wants to know about journalism and the specific personal experience of one particular journalist, but not much else, really.My second quarrel is [...]

    28. We were tortured mentally by the all pervading fear , 19 Aug 2014This review is from A Hundred And One Days A Baghdad Journal Paperback I thought this offered an extremely balanced view of the Iraq war Norwegian reporter Asne Seierstad gives an on the spot reportage of her days in Baghdad in the lead up to the American invasion Patrolled everywhere she went, with a government appointed minder cagey locals who would rarely say anything against Saddam and a total dictatorship, where every newspape [...]

    29. Excellent account of the author s interviews with Iraqi nationals and regime members, as well as what the people were going through and what she experienced during the time leading up to the US invasion of Iraq, during fighting to take Baghdad, and after the arrival of US troops This is the first completely truthful and unbiased journal I ve read, that describes the extreme terror and domination the Iraqi people endured for years under Saddam Hussein s rule and again, during and after his fall w [...]

    30. Once I started this book I literally couldn t put it down finished it in about 3 days Really good insight into life in the front line The author s eagerness to tell the true stories from Iraq, not the propaganda from the government at the time, is apparent throughout this book The sense of foreboding from the Iraqi people is also obvious They themselves know how their country is going to be without the dictator in place It is unfortunate that there was no other way to dispose of the regime than [...]

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