Guardians of the West

Guardians of the West Garion has slain the evil God Torak and been crowned King of Riva The Prophecy was fulfilled or so it seemed While the strange child Errand was growing up in the Vale of Aldur with Polgara and Durnik

  • Title: Guardians of the West
  • Author: David Eddings
  • ISBN: 9780345352668
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Garion has slain the evil God Torak and been crowned King of Riva The Prophecy was fulfilled or so it seemed While the strange child Errand was growing up in the Vale of Aldur with Polgara and Durnik, showing only occasional flashes of inexplicable knowledge and power, Garion was learning to rule and to be the husband of his fiery little Queen Ce Nedra Eleven years passGarion has slain the evil God Torak and been crowned King of Riva The Prophecy was fulfilled or so it seemed While the strange child Errand was growing up in the Vale of Aldur with Polgara and Durnik, showing only occasional flashes of inexplicable knowledge and power, Garion was learning to rule and to be the husband of his fiery little Queen Ce Nedra Eleven years passed.Then suddenly the Voice of Prophecy cried out a warning Beware Zandramas Not even Belgarath the Sorcerer knew who or what Zandramas was But Garion discovered hints in a previously obscured part of the Mrin Codex Worse, he learned that the Dark Prophecy was still waging its ancient struggle against the Prophecy of Light Again, great evil was brewing in the East And again, Garion found himself a pawn, caught between the two ancient Prophecies, with the fate of the world somehow resting on him.

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      David Eddings was an American author who wrote several best selling series of epic fantasy novels David Eddings wife, Leigh Eddings, was an uncredited co author on many of his early books, but he had later acknowledged that she contributed to them all.David Eddings first books which were general fiction sold moderately well He later switched to writing epic fantasy, a field in which he achieved great success In a recent interview with sffworld, he said I don t take orders from readers On January 26, 2007 it was reported that Eddings accidentally burned about a quarter of his office, next door to his house, along with his Excalibur sports car, and the original manuscripts for most of his novels He was flushing the fuel tank of the car with water when he lit a piece of paper and threw into the puddle to test if it was still flammable.On February 28, 2007, David Eddings wife, Leigh Eddings born Judith Leigh Schall , died following a series of strokes She was 69.David Eddings died on June 2, 2009 at the age of 77.

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    1. This is really a 3.5 star read.And it s mostly a lot of milling around before the quest actually gets started As per usual, I have to ignore the implications of the casual and mildish misogyny No matter the issues I have with this series THIS is the series and the Belgariad that get my reading mojo going every time.

    2. Like most sequels, The Mallorean is not as good as its predecessor But, also like most sequels, it is nice to catch up with the familiar characters you fell in love with in the original Although the story line is similar to the first series to the point that the protagonist points it out at one point in conversation , the adventure is still just as much fun Anyone that loved the first series The Belgariad will find this series a worthwhile read.

    3. 4.5 stars NON SPOILER TERRITORY AMAZING The Mallorean is the sequel to the Belgariad, David Eddings most popular fantasy series.It was so fun to be back in this world, to see all the characters we knew and loved, all grown up It was so cool to see the friendships rekindle, years after the events in the Belgariad This instalment seemed lighthearted and fluffy than the original series, and over all simple to follow, especially since we now know about the world and the different cultures and peo [...]

    4. Disclaimer THE BELGARIAD was the first adult fantasy series I read, in grade 5 I loved it so much I read them probably every couple years until 2 of the books literally fell apart I wholeheartedly recommend them as an easy, fun intro to high fantasy series I only picked up the MALLOREAN at age 31 GUARDIANS OF THE WEST is 1 of that series Pros same great characters, same great land, same great sorcery premise And Eddings still has some of the funny left Cons same great characters older, dying, be [...]

    5. You ll have to wait until I m at the end for a proper review.Just two things.Why is Garion so nice Why do I want to slap Polgara

    6. How does one describe fantasy Hints of the medieval with a dash of something magical and an epic adventure that will take you to the ends of the earth Eddings definitely embodies that with this series launch He had me captivated from cover to cover.The variety of different lands that we visit and peoples we meet are all equally well developed and easy to get to know These lands come to life in a vivid manner that is the perfect backdrop for this epic tale This novel is character intensive throug [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed the start of this series reread I sure have missed these characters.Guardians of the West is the first book in The Malloreon by David Eddings This is the sequel series to The Belgariad so as long as you ve read that, you ll know all the players involved and basically what to expect from the series since the story follows the same formula.Several years have passed since the Child of Light and Child of Dark met to decide the fate of the world A time of peace and prosperity has [...]

    8. This is not a first book of David Eddings which I have read The first book was actually Domes of Fire The Tamuli Book 1 , part of Sparhawk Universe Ironically, both books are sequels of the respective original series The Domes was successful to persuade me to like Edding s writing So does Guardians of the West In fact, I like this book series than the Sparhawk Universe, as far as things go.If someone says I should read The Belgarion series first, I would agree of it Better to read Belgarion fir [...]

    9. This is the follow on series from the Belgariad that returns to Garion, Polgara and friends finding them enjoying a quiet peace following the defeat of Torak A peace that is not to last it seems as a new prophecy indicates that their battles are far from over Once again Eddings characters jump off the page in a slow burning story that pushes each character to their limits Apart from Aunt Pol of course, who is her usual stoic and practical self and Belgarath who is as calm and collected as ever I [...]

    10. The gang are back I Was so glad that there was from the characters in the Belgariad series These series seems to carry on straight from the last book and again the child of dark and the child of light are destined to meet to decide the fate of the world You would think that this would be boring and just a re hash of the first series but you know what I don t care The world that Eddings creates and the characters that he fills it with are just amazing I find the books really easy to read and at [...]

    11. As someone who tends to try and finish entire series, I have to give David Eddings this much His books are readable, if only borderline so.If you want just the summary, here it is Shallow characters, misoginy, nondescript environments, plot twists semaphored volumes ahead, not one unimportant element of the books, same jokes repeated over and over, and the author never lets anything go wrong, and thus my final rating for the series is 2.5 if one doesn t mind the listed flaws, the books have some [...]

    12. The heroes are back for another grand adventure15 July 2012 Well when I was younger and had finished the Belgariad I was thrilled to see that Eddings had decided to continue the story of Garion and his friends in a brand new adventure However as I look back now I sort of ask myself what is the point The evil god Torak had been slain, Garion now Belgarion as he is a sorcerer has been crowned king of the west, and he has married Ce nedra, imperial princess and destined wife They have also had a ch [...]

    13. I haven t read a fantasy fiction novel in over a year I thought I d lost interest in the genre, a sad thing because I want to be a fantasy fiction novelist I m glad I decided to give this a go on my Kindle Touch.I generally forget characters from books I ve read Even if I ve enjoyed the books, I forget characters soon unless it s an exception such as the Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter I m surprised that I recognised the names in this book despite having read about them last onl [...]

    14. With Lord of the Rings under my belt, I was hungry for of this fantasy thing I d discovered Enter the Belgariad I consumed the two five book series in a few months, getting in trouble in school for reading when I should have been paying attention I either didn t care or had already done the homework for whatever it was they were teaching while they were teaching how to do it.When complete, I read the whole series again in half the time Then again in half that The half lives continued until I re [...]

    15. The second set of books detailing the adventures of Garion are both a bit deeper and a bit darker than the first set Eddings came into his own with this pentalogy The story we re presented with details the final confrontation between the child of light and the child of dark Like the first set, we see the child of light s side of the story for the most part the friendships from the first series are carried over and grow deeper in these books I think this series and the one that followed, namely t [...]

    16. Guardians of the West by David Eddings takes place 3 years after the anti climatic ending to the Belgariad series The first half of the book follows Errand as he moves to the Vale to live with Polgara, Durnik and the legendary but mischievous sorcerer Belgarath The characters are fleshed out here much so than in the second half where the action picks up and the story seems to be heading towards a retelling of The Belgariad The old prophecy that everyone had been waiting for and had lasted for a [...]

    17. So the Malloreon, like the Belgariad, Is pretty eh over all I find Eddings is too indulgent in his characters which makes them seem fake They are like a drawing of a character It is almost as if the characters themselves KNOW they are characters in a book and act in ways that say HEY READER IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE LAST 30 TIMES THIS IS WHO I AM Eddings is redundant with their behaviors and brow beats you with it over and over and over On top of that, most of the characters do not grow or chan [...]

    18. Inicio de otra saga fant stica, secuela directa del gran xito tambi n escrito por David Eddings que supuso la pentalog a Cr nicas de Belgarath en ella encontramos a los mismos protagonistas tras unos cuantos a os, un nuevo enemigo y los mismos tintes de aventuras de anta o.Sin embargo, Los guardianes del oeste adolece de ser un claro producto literario que intenta aprovechar el xito de su predecesora, repitiendo la f rmula y por ende resultando ser una novela demasiado previsible y que no aporta [...]

    19. After reading the Balgariad series, I was certainly excited to start reading this book Unfortunately the fist half of this book stops it from being 5 stars It takes a while to get going but once it does, well I just couldn t put the book down The ending to this book was both heart breaking and exciting If you loved reading the adventures of everyone together in the Balgariad as much as I did, then what is too come will certainly be very sad However I am looking forward to partaking in the journe [...]

    20. This was an enjoyable story, the book is easy to read and moves along at a decent pace.However, there were a few times when I thought it felt a bit contrived and it again became apparent that the author isn t consistent in the way the characters are able to use magic There were several occasions when sorcery would have solved a problem but the author didn t do this because it didn t fit with the way he wanted the story to develop.Having just re read the Begariad it is clear that this book isn t [...]

    21. With the publication of the Malloreon, we learned an important fact about David Eddings He only has one story in him The plot of the Malloreon is essentially identical to that of the Belgariad, and the books suffer from all the same weaknesses That said, the characters are now old friends, and Eddings knows and writes them better The likable characters were the chief charm of the first series, and if you enjoyed the first series for that, then the characters may be enough to get you through the [...]

    22. I really love Eddings writing and these characters However, this plot isn t particularly compelling, and it felt like the entire last half of the book was administrivia interspersed with really over prepared battles There wasn t the intrigue or danger of the first series There were definitely some interesting moments, but for the most part I didn t enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the various installments of the Belgariad.

    23. If you liked The Belgariad, you ll like the Mallorean, too because it s the same story I was told at least Eddings said to his publisher great that world is done And they said No, it isn t We want to buy a whole other series with this cast And when Eddings said he didn t have another story, he was quoted a price and then re wrote the Belgariad in a slightly different context So, it s another skin for the same story, but I liked the first one And so I liked the second one.

    24. The Malloreon continues were the Belgariad series left off be it a few years later I do think it s necessary to read the previous series before this one.Personally i liked the Malloreon a little bit less than this one But it s still a very enjoyable read, and it does improve somewhat after the first book.

    25. Loved this opening to the new series, and partly because we got to see what day to day life might be like for some of these characters The female characters continue to impress, in terms of how much power they wield Enjoyed Errand growing up Looking forward to It s just so warm and feels like how I feel when I drink hot chocolate.

    26. After quite a while re reading this series The first book is a little slow but it is after all there to set the scene s.

    27. First ever book i ve read by this author, really enjoyed it but wish i had read the The Belgariad series first now, as i am intrigued with the history of the characters

    28. Belgarion life was already written out for him before he was even born Hundreds of prophecies lead him to his meeting with the child of the dark As mysterious events occur all over the western region, Belgarion son is abducted On a mission to get his son back, Belgarion and his group of friends are mislead by a very powerful man and end up losing time The group finally gets back on track with the help of a seer and her mute guide As they Go on they add and people to their group However, Belgar [...]

    29. David Eddings returned to the world of The Belgariad with this book, initiating a new tale of magic and adventure Unfortunately, his writing seems to have suffered during the layoff.The book begins slowly, showing the aftermath of some of the events in the previous series Torak has been defeated and the land is mostly at peace Polgara and Durnik return to live in the Vale of Aldur, raising the strange young boy Errand, who seems to have almost god like powers Meanwhile, Belgarion is King in Riva [...]

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