Plan B

Plan B Turning thirty was never supposed to be like this Ten years ago Ben Lindsey Chuck Alison and Jack graduated from New York University and went out into the world fresh faced and full of dreams fo

  • Title: Plan B
  • Author: Jonathan Tropper
  • ISBN: 9780312272760
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Turning thirty was never supposed to be like this Ten years ago, Ben, Lindsey, Chuck, Alison, and Jack graduated from New York University and went out into the world, fresh faced and full of dreams for the future But now Ben s getting a divorce Lindsey s unemployed Alison and Chuck seem stuck in ruts of their own making and Jack is getting publicity for his cocaiTurning thirty was never supposed to be like this Ten years ago, Ben, Lindsey, Chuck, Alison, and Jack graduated from New York University and went out into the world, fresh faced and full of dreams for the future But now Ben s getting a divorce Lindsey s unemployed Alison and Chuck seem stuck in ruts of their own making and Jack is getting publicity for his cocaine addiction than his multimillion dollar Hollywood successes.Suddenly, turning thirty past the age their parents were when they were born, older than every current star athlete or pop music sensation seems to be both meaningful and less than they d imagined ten years ago.Jonathan Tropper s wonderful debut novel is about than friendship, love, celebrity, addiction, kidnapping, or even turning thirty it s a heartfelt comic riff on what it means to be an adult against your will, to be single when you thought you d have a family, to discover you are not, in fact, immortal, and to learn that Star Wars is as good a life lesson today as it was when you were six years old.

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      Jonathan Tropper is the author of Everything Changes, The Book of Joe , which was a Booksense selection, and Plan B He lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children in Westchester, New York, where he teaches writing at Manhattanville College How To Talk To A Widower was optioned by Paramount Pictures, and Everything Changes and The Book of Joe are also in development as feature films Information from jonathantropper

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    1. 2.5 Stars Gosh I hate giving this book a negative review, but after reading 6 other JT books, I just don t feel this one was in the same league I didn t much care for the characters who acted kind of juvenile for age 30 and found no laugh out loud moments as is customary for me Am so glad I did not read this debut novel first as I may not have discovered Tropper as one of my favorite authors Look forward to future books

    2. I very rarely abandon a book midway through, but I made an exception for Plan B I ve read and enjoyed a couple of Jonathan Tropper books before The Book of Joe and Everything Changes But I found the whiny characters, the constant reminiscing and the long trying to be witty soliloquies to be unpalatable The main character feels like a loser because he has what he considers a dead end job at Esquire magazine He wants to be writing the big features, but is stuck doing silly lists in the book, he ac [...]

    3. I ve read several of Tropper s books He specializes in the dysfunctional family This one concerns four friends our narrator, Ben, long in love with Lindsey, but just getting divorced from Sarah Chuck, the Rogaine using surgeon who can t seem to get enough sex Jack, a movie star with a bad cocaine habit, now estranged from them after they attempted a half hearted intervention and Allison, Jack s sort of girlfriend.But the worst thing is they re turning thirty If I were a dog I d be dead Thirty s [...]

    4. This is my third Tropper novel, but it was his first and it definitely reads that way The writing was still great he writes excellent, hilarious characters but there was a bit of adjective abuse, particularly in the first chapter like this horrifically over written sentence The restaurant s dim lighting lent a jaundiced pallor to his already ashen complexion, making him appear gaunt and sickly and I m not really much of a fan of protagonists who are also authors.Also it wasn t in present tense W [...]

    5. I d read other novels by Jonathan Tropper before reading Plan B, which was a good thing because if I d read this first I would have given up on him It s very obvious to me that this was his first novel, based on the plot and character development It was also obvious this was his first time at the rodeo because his publisher didn t give him a good editor as there are some glaring errors in this novel I m talking spelling, mistakes in character names, and some logistics that a good editor would ha [...]

    6. 3.75 Stars Ben, Lindsey, Jack, Allison and Chuck have been friends since college On the verge of their 30s, they are each faced with the question of what am I doing with my life The most pressing issue is Jack s growing drug problem, which is going to dealt with by the group as a full on kidnapping scheme in hopes to get Jack clean.Although you can tell this is Tropper s first novel characters aren t quite as complex, story doesn t roll as effortlessly , his promise of brilliance still lurks rig [...]

    7. Like Nick Hornby, reading Jonathan Tropper is sort of like pulling on a comfy sweater or slipping into a warm bath There s just something about his stories of angsty, pop culture obsessed thirtysomethings that resonates with me even though I m now an angsty, pop culture obsessed fortysomething, and isn t that a sad state of affairs Even so, I have to admit that his first book is entertaining but underwhelming a little clumsy in places and definitely too pleased with itself, with just a soup on o [...]

    8. And this has finally convinced me not to read any Tropper books I found this bland, boring, and whiny I found myself skimming over most of the book.

    9. Dit boek leest weer als een film, zoals we van Tropper ondertussen gewoon zijn Ik voelde aan de stijl wel meteen dat dit door een jonge Tropper werd geschreven, hoewel ik aanvankelijk dacht dat dit een meer recent boek was Ik miste de humor van de wat rijpere Tropper, maar heb toch weer van het verhaal genoten en las de tweede helft in een ruk uit.

    10. Three books in, and it s safe to declare that anything I read of Tropper is a slam dunk for me This is his first novel and, while it shows helllooo adjective abuse , it s still one of those novels that makes you feel an instant familiarity to its characters, to the storyline, to the ease with which Tropper makes this whole process appear And by process, I mean, you know, WRITING A NOVEL.In Plan B, we have five college friends, Ben, Lindsey, Alison, Chuck and Jack all hitting the milestone of tur [...]

    11. There was a time when books were automatically going to be better than their cinematic knock offs I think it s no coincidence that with the rise of movie making and viewing the opposite is becoming and true.I have noticed that in the last twenty years of writing, books have sounded either like they are trying too hard to be a sitcom or movie because that is mainly what the writer has been exposed to, or that the book is just waiting to be put to movie form, thereby secreting superficial plot l [...]

    12. I think I would have felt differently about this book if I was younger The fact that all characters were freaking out that they were turning 30 was a problem for me, since I am over 30 I tried to think back two years ago to when I turned 30 did I freak out Was I freaked out about where I was in life Did I wish I could go back to college Sometimes Mostly so I had less responsibilities But I was never sad about where I was I sort of hate when people wallow A day or two, I fully support Even longer [...]

    13. Loved it Okay, there were moments when I found the story far fetched, and I always have difficulty when history is tampered with though this wasn t such a big deal who cares if Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford never made the movies they made in Plan B , but in the end, it felt great to have read this book In fact, when I closed the book at the end, I felt better about myself, which is not a feeling I think I ve ever gotten from a book before It was really cool to read about a group of people who [...]

    14. I love this author, and anything he writes This, his first novel, is no exception It s about the dreams you have for your life, and what happens when you hit thirty and realize you ve accomplished none of them Perhaps I liked this book so much b c I could relate to it a litte too well Nonetheless, in typical Tropper fashion, this is a quick, fun read that also leaves you introspective about your own life I recommend this book to fans of St Elmo s Fire the comparisons between this book and that m [...]

    15. I think if I d read this a decade ago, I would have liked it it s definitely my generation and has a billion pop culture references that speak to me, but I didn t have much empathy for these friends struggling so much with turning 30 and feeling so clueless that got in the way of me enjoying this as much as Tropper s other novels this was his first novel and had good elements love how much his novels have improved.

    16. Tropper has become a go to treasure for me Every time I pick up one of his books, I m reminded of myself or someone I ve met He s hilarious and heartwarming, and can weave characters and stories together that make you feel satisfied when you close the book.Plan B is the story of a group of friends who have known each other forever and almost without realizing it, they ve turned 30 and don t know how it happened None of them are particularly settled if their career is set, their personal life isn [...]

    17. So I guess since I have some distance into being in my 30 s now I have to leave my slacker tentysomething novels and try reading something about characters my age This book seemed like a good place to start In a lot of ways, Plan B reads like a lot of those twentysomething books anyway, because it is of the Gen X autobiographical first novel vein, and even though it was published in 2000, it just feels soooo early 90 s, so much so that when there s pop culture reference to a late 90 s thing like [...]

    18. 3 1 2 stars I have this bad habit of reading a book, loving it, proclaiming my love for the author and swearing I will read everything the author has written And then I end up reading no other books by the author I was so taken with Tropper s, This is Where I Leave You, that I made my similar declaration, but this time I followed through This is Tropper s debut novel, and it definitely has a first novel feel It s interesting to read a debut novel after reading a novel from several years later it [...]

    19. This could be a fun movie and I would enjoy playing the party game of guessing whom would be cast in each of the five starring roles These roles represent each of 5 people who went to college together and have remained good friends through their 20 s Now they are turning 30, and each separately finds him or her self unsatisfied with either where they think they are or with the reputation that they feel they are carrying from earlier years Instead of having achieved the dreams and goals they so s [...]

    20. Another good read from Jonathan Tropper As with the other books of his that I have read so far, the main character is another conflicted male with relationship issues He wrote this in 2010 and from what I heard and read, it has already been optioned for a movie Think Joseph Gordon Levitt playing the lead role It is about five people who bonded in their college years and remained close as they matured into adulthood Each one felt that aside from occasional getting together, they were drifting apa [...]

    21. Jonathan Tropper always writes the best characters I love them, even the jerky ones Each character seems realistic and react in much the same way I imagine I would in any given situation.This is the second Tropper book I ve read, the other being This is Where I Leave You Plan B is also his first novel, telling the story of a group of friends hitting the 30 year mark and questioning every thing about their lives, their choices, their mistakes while staging a homemade intervention for one of the g [...]

    22. I had very high hopes for this book after falling hard for my first Tropper read, This Is Where I Leave You Tropper has a real knack for realistic fiction, causing his readers to fall hard for his characters and connect to their lives This story was no exception I quickly associated the five main characters of this story with people in my life with whom they reminded me Yet after feeling like this story was going to be a perfect reflection of any 30 year old s life splayed across the cover is th [...]

    23. Ohmygodsodisappointing.I love Jonathan Tropper And I m not going to hold Plan B against him It happens This was bad Cheesy one liners, everything always working out just when it needed to was kind of like reading a super sized episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 original, duh I love 90210 Because I know what to expect I don t expect this hokey BS from Tropper.There was even a kid that found his way into the plot Seriously, how many times did Brandon find himself giving some fatherly guidance to a bo [...]

    24. Not as emotional as his other books, but frothy fun Would make a good miniseries I did have to look up how old Tropper was when he wrote this I think my only complaint with him is that he s so obsessed with losing his youth, which seems I dunno unsophisticated Ill examined In his later books, this mostly gets put into details about how older people s bodies are basically disintegrating before their very eyes there s all sorts of loose and or extra skin and eye bags and miniscule wrinkles and etc [...]

    25. It s quite seldom that a book gives me an epiphany like this one did I m not sure if this book would affect others the way that it did me one storyline between two characters REALLY hit home for me I still think that most people would enjoy it But for me, I m turning thirty and this book captured a lot of what I felt I did find the narrator to be than a little self absorbed and whinyd I didn t really feel the storyline between him and his girl But overall, pretty true to life, and personally qu [...]

    26. After reading This Is Where I Leave You, then reading The Book Of Joe, and loving each, I was eager to continue my Jonathan Tropper kick I ended up reading the other books he s published How To Talk To A Widower, Everything Changes, and Plan B, and enjoyed his similar style of writing but definitely found these to be less mature and tightly structured than the first two I encountered As This Is Where I Leave You is his most recent publication, I m definitely interested in continuing to follow hi [...]

    27. I am always a sucker for books about friends and coming of age stories, so it was right up my alley Really enjoyed the story, the witty conversations, the character interactions and friends standing by each other Not a deep or life changing read, but entertaining and engaging enough on a 12 hour flight

    28. I love Jonathan Tropper s writing so much I am steadily making my way through all of his books This was his first and somewhat dated published in 2000, written in 1998, and now it s 2016 , but it strikes home and is so witty I laugh out loud and I don t care Warning casual sex and language it was the nineties

    29. This one hit close to home as it deals with the introspection that comes with turning 30 and I ve just past that It s amazing how well Tropper managed to capture my own thoughts on the changes in outlook that come along with the age and experience

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