Plan B

Plan B Coast through senior year Graduate Travel around Europe Join boyfriend out East for college That s the plan Then the phone rings Vanessa has the next year of her life pretty much figured out Sure the

  • Title: Plan B
  • Author: Jenny O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9781416520337
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Coast through senior year Graduate Travel around Europe Join boyfriend out East for college That s the plan Then the phone rings Vanessa has the next year of her life pretty much figured out Sure, there s some parental convincing to do but she and her celebrity obsessed gal pal Taylor pretty much think their plan is airtight Then Vanessa s parents get a mysteriCoast through senior year Graduate Travel around Europe Join boyfriend out East for college That s the plan Then the phone rings Vanessa has the next year of her life pretty much figured out Sure, there s some parental convincing to do but she and her celebrity obsessed gal pal Taylor pretty much think their plan is airtight Then Vanessa s parents get a mysterious phone call and drop a bombshell on her that she never could have imagined She has a half brother And he s coming to live with them If that wasn t bad enough, this half brother is none other than Hollywood bad boy Reed Vaughn He s famous He s going to be a senior, too And he s going to ruin Vanessa s life for sure.

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    1. Jenny O'Connell

      Published chick lit under the name Jennifer O Connell.I haven t been called Jenny in years thankfully , but I thought it was fitting to publish my teen book under the name that still makes me think of high school.My high school days may be long behind me, but I have a lot in common with Vanessa, the main character in PLAN B Like Vanessa, I also went to a small private school I was also mildly obsessed with college from fifth grade on, thanks to a book I read in which one of the characters went to Dartmouth But unlike Vanessa, my brother wasn t a TV star And he didn t drive me crazy I actually still like him As for creating a How To guide for guys, like Emily does in THE BOOK OF LUKE, I can t say that I know enough to write an entire guide, but I did have a blast writing the tips at the beginning of each chapter And I wish a guide like this did exist when I was in high school and college and even after that Last summer I was on Martha s Vineyard doing research for my upcoming Martha s Vineyard Novel series tough job, but somebody s got to do it I hope this books capture what I love so much about the islandAlthough she s written about a reality dating show, a prescient pastry chef, and a woman who inspired an 80 s rock hit, Jennifer has not spent hours dissecting The Bachelor, she can barely follow the directions on the back of a Betty Crocker box, and she can only dream of a long haired, guitar thrashing rocker even giving her a second glance.

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    1. Typical high school chick lit book boyfriend away at college, trying to get into college The movie star boyfriend idea is interesting, but I find it hard to believe that his TV show would just give him a 9 month hiatus needed to make the story plausible No real surprises at all.Also they emphasize several times in the book that the narrator has well chewed fingernails, yet the girl on the cover has a nice manicure I was waiting and waiting for that to happen in the book but it never did Guess th [...]

    2. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooAlthough I sometimes get irritated by the label of chick lit as a book genre, I m going to be my own oxymoron and say that PLAN B by Jenny O Connell is, indeed, teen chick lit And that I also really liked the book, thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact, and can now no longer say chick lit with my previous snobbish sneer Vanessa has her life all planned out All she has to do is survive the next nine months of senior year at the prestigious and private Cabot Academy, ace he [...]

    3. It s hard for me to place Plan B on the genre spectrum It s YA, but with a couple elements that make me hesitate to recommend it to teen readers, including drug use and frank though not detailed sexual activity I enjoyed the book, though, and can say that it s well written and with one of the best unromances I ve encountered.The central theme for the book is Vanessa s need to control her environment and working to overcome her tendency to cling to plans that are overtaken by circumstances Fortun [...]

    4. It was okay I did not necessarily dislike it or like it a lot either A lot of parts bored me to death which caused me to skim some of the pages.Okay, for the most part, my opinion of the book would be too boring It had the appeal of a dead slug I still finished it, though I don t like the feeling of not finishing a book.A lot of stuff bothered me in the book, too Anyway though, I liked Reed being her big brother and how protective he was Another thing would be, I just couldn t connect with Vanes [...]

    5. how would it feel if one day, your perfectly organized life would be disrupted by an unknown brother who also happens to be a star who seems to be popular because he manage to keep his life right on the wrong track fashionably that s how the story evolve and frankly, i think the plot was good, unique and refreshing but the fabulous boyfriend who turned out to be a jerk routine is getting old and maybe it is essential to the story so that the sister who hates her teen star brother s guts would fi [...]

    6. So dissappointed in what this book turned out to be I was looking forward to a cute read, because I admit I love a good teen romance novel, and I liked her other books Not only was Vanessa whiny and nothing was ever really good enough, even when she finally loosens up a little I still didn t like the turnout It just wasn t what I expected and I almost gave up on the story all together.

    7. The popularity of Cinder Ella the single greatest book of this type I ve EVER read has generated a lot of copycats This one is fairly lackluster.

    8. Plan B It Takes One Person to do a Whole Lot of Bad One person ruined the whole plan Everything got flipped upside down with one phone call Plan B by Jenny O Connell is realistic fiction set in Chicago,IL in present day The two main characters are Vanessa and Reed I give this book a four out of five stars because I really enjoyed it Vanessa is in her senior year in high school and everything is going to be perfect She just has to get through this year so she can soon be reunited with her boyfrie [...]

    9. I knew it was too good to be true Only nine months Forty weeks Two hundred eighty four days If I wasn t so busy getting ready for the first day of my senior year, and I d remember to buy the calculator required for my AP calculus class, I could have it down to the exact hour The day I graduate from high school Then a summer travelling around Europe with Taylor, where hopefully five years of conjugating French verbs would finally pay off.The main character of Plan B by Jenny O Connell, Vanessa Ca [...]

    10. Vanessa Carlisle salutatorian, Yale prospie, and unacknowledged control freak knows exactly how she wants her senior year of high school to go She s going to breeze through, get accepted into Yale to be with boyfriend Patrick, and take a summer trip through Europe with her gossip crazy best friend Taylor However, her family gets extremely unexpected news it turns out that Vanessa has a half brother, and not just ANY half brother She shares 50% of her chromosomes with the nationally known pretty [...]

    11. Vanessa has her senior year all planned out She ll continue to get good grades, graduate second in her class, and be accepted to Yale University where her boyfriend will be in his sopho year She ll spend the summer bumming around Europe with her best friend Life is good and getting better.Or is it An only child, Vanessa is shocked to learn that during a short separation from her mother, her dad fathered a baby with a world renowned actress Their child is bad boy sit com star Reed Vaughn, who is [...]

    12. In Plan B, Vanessa has her life really planned out and presents herself to be a perfectionist and likes to have everything a certain way Although, the conflict that she deals with is when she discovers that she has a half brother who just so happens to be an extremely famous and successful actor who had lived in Hollywood He enters her life and her family opens up their home to him so that he can finally attempt at a normal and low key life However, Vanessa does not cope with this well at all i [...]

    13. Meet Vanessa, normal child of two creative free spirits She s about to embark on her senior year at Cabot, a private school that has classes such as Seminar in Women s Literature She s already planned out how her year will go, what she will do, and that she will be accepted at Yale, the college her boyfriend, Patrick never Pat , is attending maybe with some help from Vanessa Her best friend, Taylor is slightly make that madly obsessed with Hollywood, including Reed Vaughn, bad boy extraordinaire [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this book But obviously I didn t I love the name Vanessa and was thrilled the main characters name was descent after reading the Selection with the name America Singer No offense to anyone who has that name So In two days i finished Plan B on my kindle The reason I picked it up Besides being what i call a fluff book my friend bought it at the bookstore over the weekend and we both decided to read it.Wow Vanessa that s all I can say I ve never met a character who didn t ha [...]

    15. Plan B by Jenny O Connell was a book about a senior in high school who has her whole life planned out for her Vanessa has planned her dream college visits, prepared in every way possible for her SAT, turned in all her colloege applications, and even planned her summer after senior year So when the impossible happens, Vanessa is in over her head The week before her first day of school she finds out she has a brother who is going to be living with her for the year If that s not crazy enough he is [...]

    16. dear author,how do you expect me to believe that the main character in this book is 2nd in her class and got accepted to yale when she uses the word voraciously incorrectly and also uses words such as slunked i just don t buy it love, kricketaside from that this is one of those teenage fantasy books where it turns out the main character vanessa has a secret half brother who is a famous tv star hottie, reed vaughn of course, he is sent to move in with her family and attend her high school vanessa [...]

    17. This is the third book I ve read by Jenny O Connell and like the other two, I loved it It s an easy read and it s believable.I personally liked Plan B because although there is some romance in it, the main focus is on the sibling relationship of Vanessa and Reed I loved the way their relationship grew from strangers that dislike each other greatly to siblings that are friends And even in between, it was fun to read the fights and agreements that happen to any siblings.Now, what I don t like abou [...]

    18. I had chosen this book from the hundreds on the book shelves at the library mainly because the protagonist has my name but yawn she wasn t that exciting Why she didn t have to apologize to Reed after he accused her of being a control freak and being interested in another guy annoyed meI mean, he apologized for what he did in LA, why not her Vanessa was just to.h about Reed being in her life as though this one person who is just a freaking sibling was turning her world upside down as though, blam [...]

    19. If I were to describe this book with one word it would be predictable.Because that s what it is There are no twists or turns that makes you go WHAT or HUH or WTF Everything worked out just the way you thought it would Every character served a purpose, and as soon as they made their entrance, you knew what part they would later play No surprises whatsoever.But maybe in this case, those twists weren t necessary Maybe it was okay that this book was a simple, predictable book Not every book has to h [...]

    20. This was a good story I didn t really know what I was getting into, I had read The Book of Luke first and decided to get this one, even without really knowing what the premise was I wasn t disappointed.I found myself glued to the pages for the most part Neither Vanessa or Reed were happy with the situation and both would have rather things stayed the same instead of change.Vanessa seems to have hit lots of problems in this book Not only does she have a half brother who is coming to stay with the [...]

    21. Reed Vaughn is a movie star while Vanessa is just a normal girl with a plan to make it through her senior year When Vanessa finds out that Reed Vaughn, the movie star, is actually her half brother and is going to be living with her for her senior year, all her plans begin to break apart and all that s left seems to be the pieces of Vanessa s life I really enjoyed this book and thought it was an easy, quick, and entertaining read I thought the book was written well but I didn t care much for the [...]

    22. I read Plan B a few years ago and loved it Sure it s a fluffy chick lit book for teens but it s a great story So many topics are addressed in it including the trials and joys of having a sibling, the stress over college, total family shock, loss and love Plan B did a great job of addressing all of these topics and kind of had me hoping I d get a call that some Hollywood It boy was my half brother One part of Plan B sticks out to me and that s Vanessa s choice to wait to receive the letters from [...]

    23. I enjoyed it, however, there was a lot of stuff that irked me The main character was incredibly whiny and hypocritical view spoiler She kissed a guy and then she freaked out when she saw her boyfriend kissing a girl hide spoiler Reed never seemed like this horrible guy that she made him out to be, he was so sweet to her when she found out about view spoiler her boyfriend cheating on her hide spoiler and she just complained about everything.However, it was a good storyline and I flew through it I [...]

    24. I can relate to this I also have step brother My father s love child I haven t met him though and hopefully he wont be that famousyway, the story is good beyond good actually its just i want to know what happened next did she go to Yale or other ivy what happened to their Europe tour that s what i looked for in the beginning to be honest what happened to her and John so her relationship with patrick just ended that way so many questions huh anyway its a good book nonetheless cute brother sister [...]

    25. One of the MOST annoying main characters ever written I don t even know where to start for my annoyance at the main character, Vanessa Bad decisions Cliched UghAnywayBad boy Reed comes home and he s not so bad surprise surprise Vanessa s boyfriend is a lying cheating scumbag surprise surprise The book didn t hook me in at all Everything was easy to determine way before it even happen I ve read cliche stories that were at least grabbing in another way but this book was Lacking it just wasn t my c [...]

    26. 3.5 stars This was a fun, fast, entertaining read Vanessa was a little annoying at times, but then I remembered that I d been in similar situations and as a teen, reacted pretty similar to how she did She was realistic and sometimes snotty I enjoyed her relationship with her new brother Reed It was fun to follow the building of their relationship.Plot 3 stars Cover 4 stars Writing 4 stars Originality 4 stars Characters 3 stars Drama Romance ratio 80 20 Ending 4 stars Good enough to pick up again [...]

    27. Cute, frivolous, and predictable, with not much depth but a lot of happy wish fulfillment that barely touched the possibilities for conflicts I did quite like the characters, though, and I think O Connell had a good grasp of the high school dynamics I loved the passage where Vanessa pointed out how the entire world could comprehend and understand athletic competition, but the subjective world of other kinds of achievements were underestimated and confusing and complicated.

    28. I thought it was a pretty good book although horribly cliche At the end she starts to get along with Reed a little too close and we all know where that s going to go unlike the title suggests though she doesn t get preg O.obut definitely not the best book i ve read Better than the Hunger Games by far, but for me that just doesn t say much but the ending should definitely be re written to something better and less cliche

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