Love and Other Four-Letter Words

Love and Other Four Letter Words With her parents splitting up year old Sammie Davis may not want to feel a thing but feelings happen For starters she s plenty angry Her dad s leaving their upstate New York home and moving clea

  • Title: Love and Other Four-Letter Words
  • Author: Carolyn Mackler
  • ISBN: 9780440228318
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • With her parents splitting up, 16 year old Sammie Davis may not want to feel a thing, but feelings happen For starters, she s plenty angry Her dad s leaving their upstate New York home and moving clear across the country Her mother well, she s packing up and relocating to New York City with Sammie, who has no say about any of it Overnight Sammie is forced to deal withWith her parents splitting up, 16 year old Sammie Davis may not want to feel a thing, but feelings happen For starters, she s plenty angry Her dad s leaving their upstate New York home and moving clear across the country Her mother well, she s packing up and relocating to New York City with Sammie, who has no say about any of it Overnight Sammie is forced to deal with change And one change spawns another Roles get reversed, old and new friendships tested, and sexual feelings awakened It s a scary time But as Sammie realizes that things can t stay the same forever, that even the people she loves and trusts the most can disappoint her, she begins to accept that change isn t always bad It s how you cope, jumbled feelings and all, that counts And as she copes, Sammie s sense of self emerges proud and strong.

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      Carolyn Mackler

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      Carolyn Mackler is the author of the popular teen novels, The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things A Michael L Printz Honor Book , Infinite in Between, Tangled, Guyaholic, Vegan Virgin Valentine, and Love and Other Four Letter Words Carolyn s novel, The Future of Us, co written with bestselling author Jay Asher, received starred reviews and appeared on several bestseller lists Carolyn has also written Best Friend Next Door, a novel for younger readers Carolyn s novels have been published in than twenty countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, and Indonesia.Carolyn lives in New York City with her husband and two sons Her new novel for teens, The Universe is Expanding and So Am I, will be published in May 2018 This is the long awaited sequel to the Printz honor winning novel, The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things.

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    1. I m sorry, but I just couldn t get into this book It was too much and too little at the same time The book had too many elements her parents separation, her selfish ex best friend, her new friend, the cute JD, the Rosenthals, and might as well throw in some dog philosophies and music But Mackler just glossed over the concepts, so I didn t sympathize with Sammie nor did I see her grow as a character I mean, I guess she s learned to discover what love means, but um, no, I didn t feel it I don t kn [...]

    2. From when we first started reading books to now we are told to never judge a book by its cover Well I can admit that I don t really follow those rules, and this book is just piece of evidence that I don t When I picked up this book I thought it would maybe be about a girl that loved but in the end her feelings were crushed and now she thinks of love not being that great She could describe love in a different four letter word What did you think of right away when you first read the title Well Lov [...]

    3. I m gonna be honest, I only picked up this book because I have the same name as the main character The of her story I read, the I realized that our similarities start and stop with our name.Sammie s an average teenage girl, and that s fine, I just wish she was a little active and a lot less passive Most of the book is her biting her tongue and not telling people what she really thinks of the situations the put her in, which only leads to her own stress and breakdown I suppose she got her way [...]

    4. Rating 5 5Genre YA ContemporaryRecommended Age 16 Favorite Quote That along with love comes other four letter words Like hate, obviously And loss And gain And most importantly, grow Sammie Davis, not the entertainer, used to have a good life She considers herself an average girl, but she lived in a middle class home with her mother, father, and her dog Moxie Then, her life hit a rough patch Her parents decide to go through a trial separation Sammie soon finds herself whisked away to New York Cit [...]

    5. Love and Other Four Letter Wordsby Carolyn Mackler247 pg USARandom house children s booksISBN 9780440228318 mrs shah you said if i read this and the eight spells a week book that it would be counted as three books there is 16 yearold sammie and she lives in plain Ithaca and her parents are trying for a trial seperation and she is suppose to go and live with her mother in new york city because her mother always had allthese dread ms and she had planed to adress them when in ithaca but many things [...]

    6. This book was really ineteresting It was about this girl namedSammie whose parents got divorced She was really upset about it because her dad left her She was really close to him and he disappointed her by just leaving her Sammie and her mom moved to another city in New York She didnt know anyone there until her mom took her wit some old friends of theirs Sammie would go every morning to a park to walk her dog There she met this girl named Pheobe They became really good friends Sammie would tell [...]

    7. I have actually read this book probably 4 or 5 times There is just something about it that resonates with me.Read Sept 08Read July 12

    8. 4.5 stars I really liked this book When I first read the synopsis, I wasn t thrilled to read it, but I really enjoyed it It didn t seem like Sammie was 16, and I really liked the ending of the book Summary Sammie s parents have decided they are going to have a temporary separation Her dad is moving to CA and she and her mom are moving to NYC She s 16 and not excited about the move partly b c she s leaving her best friend, Kitty Here s what happens while she is there her mom becomes depressed, an [...]

    9. I found the book in the hotel library and read it on the beach Divorce, friendship, teenage problems after having read a few pages I knew that it was written for the much younger readers , but I read it because I teach teenagers It reminded me again how teenage brain works, and how hard it is for children when their parents separate It is brilliantly translated from English to German, witty and has interesting characters, especially the main character Sammie What did I learn from this book It is [...]

    10. This was a really quick and easy read I felt like there were a lot of elements to the story family issues, new home, new friends, old friends, etc , but the author didn t really dive too deep into any of them It was just an okay book.

    11. This book was a little depressing than I thought it would be And I also didn t feel like all that much happened until the end of the book It was kind of flat.

    12. Inhalt Als ihre Eltern sich f r eine Trennung auf Zeit entscheiden, muss Sammie mit ihrer Mutter nach New York ziehen Jeder andere Teenager w rde vermutlich gerne einen Sommer in New York verbringen, doch Sammie ist alles andere als begeistert Ihre beste Freundin l sst sie h ngen und so schl gt sie sich zusammen mit ihrem Labrador Penny die Zeit um die Ohren Aber als sie ihre neue Freundin Phoebe kennenlernt und feststellt, dass es auch in New York ganz nette Jungs gibt, beginnt sie, ihre Zeit z [...]

    13. Love and other Four Letter Words Review Written by Carolyn MacklerLife for HS student Sammie Davis couldn t get any worse her best friend Kitty has a boyfriend and is a magnet for all of the local boys, Sammie is developing physically in ways she would just assume ignore, and to make matters worse, her parents are separating temporarily or so they say with her dad moving to Palo Alto, California and Sammie and her mom moving to New York City Sammie s life in a matter of weeks is turned upside do [...]

    14. it was alright I guess I found it kind of boring and very surface level with character development I also found I didn t really care for many of the characters they all just irritated me.

    15. I really enjoyed this book It was a nice dose of good old fashioned YA lots of heart, a bit of angst, parent problems, friendship and, of course, a boy The novel centers around a girl, Sammie, who moves with her mom from rural New York to The Big Apple after her parents get divorced Suddenly, Sammie feels a bit like an orphan Her dad is gone to California, and her mom can t hold herself together On top of that, she s starting to grow apart from her best friend, but she finds some solace in the c [...]

    16. This was a very enjoyable read for me Based around the hectic life of a teenage girl who s parents are newly separated, the unpredictability of this novel always left me wanting to read I love how the author conveys the emotions of the main character, helping the reader to obtain a deeper understanding of what the character is going through I felt as though I could relate to some of the struggles of the main character, and I could understand the feelings that she was having I also really loved [...]

    17. This is the first book i ve read by Mackler and I don t think it will be the last This really is a book about love and everything else that comes with it About how your parents choices in life can affect yours, how dealing with divorce is hard on everyone, and not just the people directly involved I loved how New York City was described in the book, like it was this strange and bustling place at first, but then came to be home for Sammie How at first you kind of hate the place because thats how [...]

    18. School s about to let out for the summer and Sammie s life has just been turned upside down Her dad just walked out on her mom and moved to California Sammie s mom decides to move to New York City Sammie would rather go with her dad, but finds herself packed into a one bedroom apartment in the city with her dog and a mother that won t get out of bed.In addition to dealing with her missing father and leaving her friends and life behind, Sammie is finds herself having to take care of things she fe [...]

    19. To read reviews by me visit Views Reviews I really liked this book In a sentence, it was short and sweet The story was really nice and I enjoyed seeing or reading about Sammie grow and mature She felt a lot of things I sometimes do so it was nice reading how she coped with it.Sammie, as a character, was good I liked her voice as in how she thought but she didn t really have an impact on me Her mother really annoyed me and I hated Katie or was it Katy I m glad she somewhat realized Katie was a b [...]

    20. Sammie s life has hit an all time low Her parents are splitting up and her mom is dragging her from her comfortable suburban home to a cramped Manhattan apartment Not to mention she s never had a boyfriend,and she has gorgeous best friend who constantly complains about her own overactive love life.As Sammie s summer progresses underway, she struggles with feelings of hurt and anger But over the sweltering months, she makes new friends, learns some hard truths about her parents, and realizes that [...]

    21. The divorce of Sammie s aka Samantha parents brought Sammie from Ithaca to New York City, to live with her mom Ever since they move to New York, Sammie s mom been real depress and lonely Sammie, also, was not doing very good She gave attitudes to her mom and do nothing around the apartment All Sammie wants to happen is to get back the same life she had, back in Ithca.Sammie really wants to feel happy with her new life, but her mom s not being a big help around I don t really like Sammie s mom I [...]

    22. Samantha Davis is surprised when her parents announce a trial separation, but she s shocked when she finds out that her dad is going to California while she and her mom are moving to NYC Meanwhile, her beautiful, smart and perfect best friend, Kitty, will be staying in Ithaca, New York So ends Sammie s sopho year of high school, and so begins the rest of her life Love and Other Four Letter Words is an original tale of a teenager coming to terms with the changes in her life, both internal and ext [...]

    23. Can it be said that Carolyn Mackler is channeling the spirit of Judy Blumeeven if Judy Blume is still alive I hope neither of them is insulted by my comparison They both capture the psyche of the emerging adult so well the confusion, the desperate need to fit in and the even desparate need to stand out and be unique And oh my god the parents Carolyn Mackler took on the peer group as well a bold move for her Haven t you ever had a friend who was all about herself Where you were just a sounding b [...]

    24. Okay, one of the main reasons I am giving this book such a high review is because of the fact that i can really connect to the main character, which is what find rare Sammie is so alike me, I feel like this book is about me I love how Carolyn Mackler summarizes the end of each chapter with one of Sammie s deepest thoughts or revelations or discoveries it gives the book a deep vibe without needing the dying parent or gambling friend This book is very unique, not because of the plot or the problem [...]

    25. Product Description With her parents splitting up, 16 year old Sammie Davis may not want to feel a thing, but feelings happen For starters, she s plenty angry Her dad s leaving their upstate New York home and moving clear across the country Her mother well, she s packing up and relocating to New York City with Sammie, who has no say about any of it Overnight Sammie is forced to deal with change And one change spawns another Roles get reversed, old and new friendships tested, and sexual feelings [...]

    26. Love and Other Four Letter Words is a well written and engaging story about a teen caught in the middle of marital problems between her parents When Sammie s parents decide on a trial separation, her father a Cornell University professor leaves for California on sabbatical while her mother sublets their home in Ithica, NY, and moves with Sammie to New York City Her mother, a frustrated artist, regrets leaving the big city for an art teaching job in Ithica when she got married When she can t find [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book, but it is very like Mackler s other book, The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things, which was much better Love and Other Four Letter Words is about Sammie, who leads a pretty cushy small town life with her mom and dad, until her dad decides that he needs a trial separation Suddenly, Sammie is uprooted from everything that she knows as she and her mother move to New York, and her mother slips into an emotional coma The book ends on a higher note, of course, but the journ [...]

    28. Love and Other Four Letter Words is an enjoyable, coming of age story about a 15 year old girl named Sammie whose parents are on the brink of divorce They decide to do a year old trial separation and during this time Sammie moves to New York City with her mother I especially loved reading the parts that described New York because I think the author did a great job of sort of setting the scene, if you will I thought that the mother was a bit of a caricature at times, but overall the character dev [...]

    29. This book was really good It has really interesting relationships and lots of them The main character is Sammie, who is trying to cope with her parents recent divorce as well as her changing body She has to deal with a best friend with an extremely busy love life when she has never even had a boyfriend As her summer in New York City goes on, however, she realizes that she is now growing and discovering than ever before She makes some important discoveries about good friends and what kinds of pe [...]

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