The Complete Far Side, 1980–1994

The Complete Far Side A New York Times best seller Every one of these cartoons is just something that drifted into my head when I was alone with my thoughts And for better or worse I jotted them down It was only later w

  • Title: The Complete Far Side, 1980–1994
  • Author: Gary Larson Steve Martin Jake Morrissey
  • ISBN: 9780740721137
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A New York Times best seller Every one of these cartoons is just something that drifted into my head when I was alone with my thoughts And, for better or worse, I jotted them down It was only later, when perhaps I received an angry letter from someone, that it struck me Hey Someone s been reading my diary Gary Larson, from the preface to The Complete Far SideRevereA New York Times best seller Every one of these cartoons is just something that drifted into my head when I was alone with my thoughts And, for better or worse, I jotted them down It was only later, when perhaps I received an angry letter from someone, that it struck me Hey Someone s been reading my diary Gary Larson, from the preface to The Complete Far SideRevered by its fans as the funniest, most original, most What the inspiring cartoon ever, The Far Side debuted in January 1980 and enjoyed an illustrious 14 years on the worlds comics pages until Gary Larson s retirement in 1994 The Complete Far Side celebrates Gary s twisted, irreverent genius in this ultimate Far Side book, a lavish production, which takes its place alongside collector s edition art books.A masterpiece of comic brilliance, The Complete Far Side contains every Far Side cartoon ever syndicated over 4,000 if you must know presented in or less chronological order by year of publication, with than 1,100 thathave never before appeared in a book Also included are additional Far Side cartoons Larson created afterhis retirement 13 that appeared in the last Far Side book, Last Chapter and Worse, and six cartoons that periodically ran as a special feature in The New York Times Science Times section as The Far Side of Science.Creator Gary Larson offers a rare glimpse into the mind of The Far Side in quirky and thoughtful introductions to each of the

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      Gary Larson Steve Martin Jake Morrissey

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    1. Gary Larson Steve Martin Jake Morrissey

      Gary Larson was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington His parents were Vern, a car salesman, and Doris, a secretary He attended Curtis High School before attending Washington State University and graduated in 1972 with a degree in communications In 1987, Larson married Toni Carmichael, an archaeologist.Larson credits his older brother Dan for his paranoid sense of humor Dan would pull countless pranks on Gary, taking advantage of his phobia of monsters under the bed by, for example, waiting in the closet for the right moment to pounce out at Gary Dan is also credited with giving Gary his love of science They caught animals in Puget Sound and placed them in terrariums in the basement even making a small desert ecosystem, which their parents apparently did not mind His adept use of snakes in his cartoons stems from his long standing interest in herpetology.Since retiring from the Far Side, Larson has occasionally done some cartooning work, such as magazine illustrations and promotional artwork for Far Side merchandise.In 1998, Larson published his first post Far Side book, There s a Hair in My Dirt A Worm s Story, an illustrated story with the unmistakable Far Side mindset.

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    1. Gary Larson s Far Side was pure MAGICd when it burst on the scene like a talking, cow shaped comet in 1980, the strip was like nothing the newspaper funnies had ever seen While its single panel format and light hearted depiction of awkward social situations and shared pain bore some resemblance to earlier comics like Ziggy and Larson s own Nature s Way, The Far Side was an anthropomorphic animal all its own, and dominated the public s consciousness for the decade and a half that it was being pro [...]

    2. This is the best collection of Gary Larson s artwork simply because it includes almost every single one of the daily syndicated comics that he penned over the years, from 1980 to 1994 As a bonus, the reader gets posters and yearly introductions from the author, detailing the creative process, the source of inspiration and wacky anecdotes related to the series I ve spaced out my lecture over almost a whole year, in order to prolong the pleasure and avoid overeating a favourite dish , yet the firs [...]

    3. I built a lectern bookshelf just to keep this collection on display My favorite Hard to say, but it s tough to beat Early chemists discuss the nature of dirt.

    4. I ve loved The Far Side since my first brush with it My local paper used to publish a lovely, full color comic book with their Sunday edition Alas, it s gone now If there s anything in the Sunday paper of the same quality as The Far Side or Calvin and Hobbes, I would dearly like to know about it At any rate, I always loved The Far Side, though I didn t always understand it Like so many other childhood memories, there s always the question of if it ll hold up when revisited Not a problem here Lik [...]

    5. If I am ever feeling shitty, I know I can laugh my brains out of my ears if I pick up this 2 volume set Sure, it is pretty heavy and it kind of cuts off my circulation when I leave it on my lap for too long, but that is the only negative about this collection Gary Larson is a comedic genius and The Far Side is one of the only comics I think is even remotely funny how does the Garfield writer keep winning awards I am baffled If you are thinking of purchasing this set, DO IT You won t regret it It [...]

    6. One of the benefits of working in a public library was opening those boxes of new books With the Far Side series, I usually sent a couple copies to a bindery for extended shelf life Of course I read a copy This review represents my pleasure for all of Mr Larson s books Wonderful humor and perspective.

    7. this was one of the best gifts I have ever received I love Larson s warped, intellegent humor An enjoyable part of these books are the hate mail and letters he gets from confused and humorless readers This collection always brings a smile to my face, and the frequent out loud chuckle.

    8. This belongs on the shelf with my Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection This set is beautifully designed and presented Gary Larson s cartoons are brilliantly perverse and funny Larson is an artist cartoonist who is never afraid to challenge his readers, and his Far Side is a collection of the strange, the bizarre and the downright weird I particularly like the fact that he sides most often with the animals he portrays so than the humans another similarity with Calvin and Hobbes and how he often [...]

    9. This compendium weighs a ton No kidding.A delightfully inspired packaging of all things FAR SIDE from the looney talking cows all the way to conspiratorial chipmunks Wonderfully packaged but very, very, very expensive, this two volume set includes occasional essays yes, I said essays from the genius Larson himself covering such items of the nature of what I was thinking when I drew ___ to gosh, I m sure sorry this thing is going to weigh so much Of course, there s no apology for the price snicke [...]

    10. Love love love The Far Side It has long been my favorite comic strip Back in the early 90s I used to clip the daily cartoon out of the newspaper and collect them Later I enjoyed several years of the daily calendar.I have learned one thing from reading this collection, though The Far Side is best enjoyed a little at a time, and for me isn t as good when reading through dozens of cartoons in one sitting I began to notice certain themes or jokes that recurred in various cartoons, for example.Five s [...]

    11. In my opinion, this is by far the funniest and most brilliant cartoon collection out there This 2 book set contains all the Far Side cartoons that Gary Larson created, and there are some real gems in here I also have all the earlier Far Side books as well I ve been a huge fan from the beginning Exceptionally funny and intelligent.

    12. The greatest single panel comic ever, no question about it There are dozens of head scratchers in here and I m reasonably intelligent , a few duds and hundreds of laugh out loud funny comics My only complaint is that there s just too much Better to leaf through on a cold winter afternoon than sit down and try to bomb through the whole thing at once.

    13. for humor the delights the brain, as well the heart and soul, this set is a must for all the grieved and wore cow bands in mourning, then this twisted comic stopped it s run i still refer to cat food as fud because of this man s evil genius.

    14. Gary Larson was an innovator On the edge of the fine line sometimes, weird, odd ball, and satiric I hated that the odd time there would be one I didn t get I feel like probably smugly there is a certain amount of smarts required to fully enjoy The Far Side and I didn t like feeling I didn t have those smarts I will say that the majority of his comics are awesome, but I especially love the ones that catch you by surprise and make you snicker or spit laugh out loud.

    15. Awesome nostalgia trip Gary Larson s one panel stories about crazy animals, strange people, aliens, and everything inbetween will always be a classic for me Although it s not as popular as Calvin and Hobbes, I would definitely recommend this comic series to the younger generation.

    16. Because this is a complete set, you ll be easily able to pick up on variations of theme Old west, islands, deserts, fish out of water, people in water, cows, etc As I flipped through the pages I d sometimes feel as if I could set up a 3 axis model with elements of the comics and predict what I would come upon next Which isn t to say he was repeating himself though sometimes it felt repetitive.

    17. Yes, at 18 pounds for the two volume hardbound set, it s a mite hefty, but it s worth it Genius must be respected.

    18. One of the better comics series drawn to date, The Far Side s brand of humor cannot be imitated It s not dark early comics notwithstanding so much as it is slightly twisted It offers perspectives on science from Neanderthals, pranks from cows, and rather blas reactions to bizarre, freakish accidents and incidents It seems to come directly from some deep part of the human psyche that takes joy when things add up wrongly There s no real way to describe what s going on in this book, but it s highly [...]

    19. we all need an honest full laugh sometimes, and i looooove gary larson a friend introduced me to gary when i was hanging out at his house and found this book there that he said he brought home from canada gary is well, what can i say, he has this really satiric, light, yet deep way not in you re gonna squint your eyes thinking hard kind of way, but in a i m gonna laugh my pants off kind of way there s this really funny strip that i remember a guy is picking up a girl in a bar and the girl says i [...]

    20. I can t think of one funny and complete cartoonist His name would be at the top of my list Although his earlier artwork seemed juvenile, unrefined, but very insightful and funny, those quirky characters with slits for eyes or an o for a mouth became a contemporary classic legend His rudimentary style worked perfectly with his extraordinary sense of absurdity Admittedly there were some panels that could seem over the top for many sensitive minds but the man is legend and began a style that has a [...]

    21. There isn t too much to say about the Far Side funny stuff that is a huge part of the culture I grew up in.As for these volumes they are great Nice, well printed with essays and insights I only wish there was note owes and reflections inside, but the cartoons really are the reason to get this set, of course.Super enjoyable.One minor criticism I wish that all the material from Pre history of the Far Side was included.

    22. As I believe most fans were, I was pretty sad when Gary Larson put up his pen for good This incredible set includes all of his Far Side comics in 2 beautiful hardback books 3x thicker than most coffee table books each I bought it as soon as it came out and dove in I go back and read them all at least once a year, his cartoons have made me laugh til my sides hurt sometimes, and I m so glad they came out with this I just wish it came with a Hunky man to lug it around for me

    23. There are not enough stars for this one I love it.This is my absolute favorite And here are some other of my favorites my review in Spanish

    24. What a beautifully designed, slip cased set Lots of extras by Larson, his friends, and his readers Whenever I can t decide what to read which is often , I ll turn to these volumes.This goes well with my Gahan Wilson slip cased set although it dwarfs Gahan and my Don Martin slip cased set.What can I say I love slip cases, and I love good cartoons These guys are among the best ever, in my humble opinion.Some day, maybe I ll buy the Complete Calvin Hobbes.

    25. Currently reading through this as it was a gift we gave ourselves for Christmas It is every bit as good as I expected.Gary Larson was is a once in a generation talent and these cartoons are as funny as I remember them It is great to have them all collected in one place, with high quality production values and little insights along the way Along with The Pre History of the Far Side , this is a great resource My kids are now being introduced to his sense of humour and loving it

    26. La verdad es que no tengo mucho que decir De los mejores cartoons que he le do jam s y el nico que tengo completo junto a Calvin Hobbes que es mi joya de la corona Humor absurdo en breves vi etas que me han hecho re r mucho y bien Lo recomiendo a cualquiera, la edici n es una gozada con cartas de lectores enojados por estupideces como que se hagan bromas con cient ficos o cosas por el estilo Lo recomiendo totalmente, es uno de esos arranques de genialidad muy dif ciles de encontrar

    27. like with the calvin and hobbes super set, i m kind of cheating b c i don t really have this particulaer version of the far side, but i ve read every single far side thing larson has like ever produced, and i don t feel like putting out a review for each and every collection cause i feel the same about them alley rock his comics are so twisted sometimes that i often times look back and think how the hell did this ued to get published with crap like the family circle

    28. Realistically, I having delved through all three volumes of this set, but it is a great compilation Not only does it have a nice, library bound profile, but it also has detailed information about almost every comic Sometimes this information is a chuckle from the author, other times it is a complete explanation of how the joke came to be.It sits up in my room next to my Calvin and Hobbes set They re both so heavy, that I can t put them on the bookshelves in the library downstairs.

    29. Of course it s getting all the stars How could it be otherwise The rating is for the content, not the books themselves, though This is in two hardback volumes, and each one is about a foot and a half tall and weighs nine or ten pounds, so there is no easy way to read it leisurely I don t know if the paperback version is any easier, but I doubt it I was using this for late night reading in bed, ten or so pages a night, and had to prop up on my elbow to manage the task If I laid on my back and hel [...]

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