Song of the Silent Snow

Song of the Silent Snow Hubert Selby is probably one of the six best novelists writing in the English language Financial TimesAuthor of controversial cult classic Last Exit to Brooklyn Hubert Selby began as a writer of sho

  • Title: Song of the Silent Snow
  • Author: Hubert Selby Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780714530505
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hubert Selby is probably one of the six best novelists writing in the English language Financial TimesAuthor of controversial cult classic, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Hubert Selby began as a writer of short fiction He excels in this form, plunging the reader head first into the densely realized worlds of his protagonists, in which the details of daily life rub shoulders withHubert Selby is probably one of the six best novelists writing in the English language Financial TimesAuthor of controversial cult classic, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Hubert Selby began as a writer of short fiction He excels in this form, plunging the reader head first into the densely realized worlds of his protagonists, in which the details of daily life rub shoulders with obsession and madness.Although fundamentally concerned with morality, Selby s own sense of humility prevents him from preaching He offers instead a passionate empathy with the ordinary dreams and aspirations of his characters, a brilliant ear for the urban vernacular and for the voices of conscience and self deceit that torment his characters A major American author of a stature with William Burroughs and Joseph Heller Los Angeles Times Selby s place is in the front rank of American novelists to understand his work is to understand the anguish of America The New York Times Book ReviewNovels by Hubert Selby Jr available from Marion Boyars Last Exit to Brooklyn, The Room, The Demon, Requiem for a Dream and The Willow Tree

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      Hubert Selby Jr.

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    1. Hubert Selby Jr.

      Hubert Selby, Jr was born in Brooklyn and went to sea as a merchant marine while still in his teens Laid low by lung disease, he was, after a decade of hospitalizations, written off as a goner and sent home to die Deciding instead to live, but having no way to make a living, he came to a realization that would change the course of literature I knew the alphabet Maybe I could be a writer Drawing from the soul of his Brooklyn neighborhood, he began writing something called The Queen Is Dead, which evolved, after six years, into his first novel, Last Exit to Brooklyn 1964 , a book that Allen Ginsberg predicted would explode like a rusty hellish bombshell over America and still be eagerly read in a hundred years Selby s second novel, The Room 1971 , considered by some to be his masterpiece, received, as Selby said, the greatest reviews I ve ever read in my life, then rapidly vanished leaving barely a trace of its existence Over the years, however, especially in Europe, The Room has come to be recognized as what Selby himself perceives it to be the most disturbing book ever written, a book that he himself was unable to read again for twenty years after writing it A man obsessed is a man possessed by a demon Thus the defining epigraph of The Demon 1976 , a novel that, like The Room, has been better understood and widely embraced abroad than at home.If The Room is Selby s own favorite among his books, Requiem for a Dream 1978 contains his favorite opening line Harry locked his mother in the closet It is perhaps the truest and most horrific tale of heroin addiction ever written Song of the Silent Snow 1986 brought together fifteen stories whose writing spanned than twenty years.Selby continued to write short fiction, screenplays and teleplays at his apartment in West Hollywood His work appeared in many journals, including Yugen, Black Mountain Review, Evergreen Review, Provincetown Review, Kulchur, New Directions Annual, Swank and Open City For the last 20 years of his life, Selby taught creative writing as an adjunct professor in the Master of Professional Writing program at the University of Southern California Selby often wryly noted that The New York Times would not review his books when they were published, but he predicted that they d print his obituary.The movie Last Exit to Brooklyn, Directed by Uli Edel, was made in 1989 and his 1978 novel Requiem for a Dream was made into a film that was released in 2000 Selby himself had a small role as a prison guard In the 1980s, Selby made the acquaintance of rock singer Henry Rollins, who had long admired Selby s works and publicly championed them Rollins not only helped broaden Selby s readership, but also arranged recording sessions and reading tours for Selby Rollins issued original recordings through his own 2.13.61 publications, and distributed Selby s other works.During the last years of his life, Selby suffered from depression and fits of rage, but was always a caring father and grandfather The last month of his life Selby spent in and out of the hospital He died in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California of chronic obstructive pulmonary lung disease Selby was survived by his wife of 35 years, Suzanne four children and 11 grandchildren.

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    1. Un unico tema solitudine, paura, angoscia, in 15 variazioni I primi racconti hanno ritmi assordanti, serrati, timbri di tamburi, percussioni In testa aveva una ridda di pensieri Gli esplodevano nel cranio Gli trapassavano orecchie e naso Gli zampillavano poi dalla bocca e gli si avvolgevano intorno alla testa e gli si cacciavano in gola.Poi il ritmo si calma e negli ultimi predominano le voci di violini e flauti, con i loro lamenti umani che sollevano in un altra dimensione e placano l anima e a [...]

    2. HSJ s only story collection, released in 1986, lacks the power of his novel work those books thrive on slow building doom and the repetitive grind of addiction and madness, whereas these vignettes can t attribute their weaknesses to style Selby s affinity and loyalty to the down and outs of New York never relented, unlike Lou Reed, who switched from bourgeois reformist to street smart wiseguy in the space of two albums listen to New York then play the laughable The Blue Mask to see my point Like [...]

    3. I ve read all of Selby Jr s novels, and have to say that I enjoyed them than I did this collection Selby s work can be hard hitting thematically and challenging to read stylistically, and while this approach was effective at times in this collection, at other times it seemed a little forced Not a book that I d consider revisiting and I would recommend investing time in his novels rather than this collection should anyone wish to read his work.

    4. Basically every character in each story is so unbearably neurotic you want to slap them in the face with a dead fish It s one thing to create these neurotics in the Fifties a time when there was a reason for said anxiety Forty years later to have this nutty behavior in every story is merely annoying.

    5. I m very surprised that SOTSN doesn t seem to be a popular one for Selby I personally loved every page of it, and some of the stories really left me feeling raw Hubert s writing isn t the same as always he still goes for the brutally realistic and the disturbing, but here he has mixed it up with stories that are far tender to the touch His writing is always full of love, no matter how hellish the situations can be, but the love shines through the pages here like it hasn t in any of his books be [...]

    6. Dopo aver letto tempo fa Ultima fermata a Brooklyn, questo libro di racconti di Selby, non fa che confermare l opinione pi che positiva che ho di quest autore.Personaggi problematici che sopportano la loro condizione di disagio, dove il disagio pu essere sia materiale, ma molto spesso psichicorsonaggi che escono dalle storie nella loro completezza seppur nel breve spazio delle pagine di un racconto.Il mio preferito Il cappotto che mi ha fatto venir voglia di rileggermi il racconto omonino di Gog [...]

    7. This is a collection of short stories As with all collections of short stories it varies in quality It does not have the same intensity as the very best of Selby s writings, but some of it is really very good He is at his best when he is exploring the intimate horrors of the lowest dregs of society in the tales I find Selby to be always right on the money when he does This he is the most accurate person on the life in the gutter of America His writing has its brilliance and subtlety but it is no [...]

    8. Selby, chronicler of the downtrodden, often depressed unhinged pathetic underbelly of society, returns in this collection of stories to portray the dashed dreams and struggles of men and women in NYC in the 70s There are some interesting and sad stories here, particularly the Coat, and Selby capably renders a sense of atmosphere and tragedy, while still adding a touch of dark humor Nevertheless, these stories lack the visceral punch and insanity of some of his other works Selby does not seem to [...]

    9. I ve always felt a kinship with Mr Selby and I was sad to see him go a few years back I met him and he signed a copy of this book at a reading in 2000 This collection includes one of my favorite short stories Hi, Champ The guy just had an awesome mind and one hell of an imagination His demons are the hidden, unspoken demons that haunt us all.

    10. This is by the author of Requiem for a Dream The heroes of the stories are always torturing themselves I love the toughness and empathy.

    11. Non che non si noti la poesia, in alcuni sprazzi evidente, in altri meno esplicita E che la scrittura parlata ha smesso di affascinarmi da tempo e quindi alcuni racconti, out Di altri, ho apprezzato il delirio ma non fa per me, no Alcuni, invece, belli Di tutti, la grande esplorazione emotiva dei protagonisti, e delle loro manie e risposte, dei loro atteggiamenti e pensieri Selby Jr quando scrive sa di cosa sta scrivendo.

    12. There are some brilliant short stories in this collection but the overall is let down by some duds in an attempt to publish 15 stories, I presume Selby gets at places Cheever can t or won t in suburbia and the NYC pieces are generally excellent The pieces that lack tension and movement unsurprisingly leave one wishing they were excluded I would rather have this variance than other, steady collections at a flatline three stars.

    13. I can t speak highly enough about this collection of poems Hubert Selby Jr is an amazing author and these are some of his best works.

    14. Short vignettes about life in the city I thought this might be a nice volume to take up to Subway so that I could polish off a few short items without becoming committed to a long novel during lunch These stories of ordinary people doing ordinary things have a lot heart so far than Selby s unremittingly grim Last Exit to Brooklyn The second story, Hi Champ, has some Runyonesque charm but veers into some uncomfortable insights.The story s protagonist, Harry, is having a first date with Rita and [...]

    15. Fat Phils DayWent over my headHi ChampWas brilliant, pure, utter Shelby.Double FeatureHad a lot of Bukowski in it Maybe it HAD Bukowski in it.Fortune CookieBuilding up like only Shelby can BUT predictable if you ve read him enough.A Penny for Your ThoughtsA lot like The Demon Can t make up my mind.LiebesnachtSome of the best writing Ever.The SoundHighly intense Did I mention this one was intense Im Being GoodVery unlike Selby Loved it Indian SummerVery, very Selby Brilliantly constructed and the [...]

    16. For the first couple of stories I found the punctuation distracting but then I stopped noticing The depth of Selby s characters is wonderful, you feel you re right behind their eyes, on the inside looking out Some of his characters are the sort of people who don t usually get a voice Selby covers depression, homelessness, frustrated fathers and many characters in the fifteen short stories in this book Sometimes you re surprised at the places people find joy It reminded me a little of A Streetca [...]

    17. This collection of stories is excellent, notably The Coat The protagonists are all named Harry or Harold, with only one exception At first I thought they all referred to the same person, but one or two of the stories make that seem unlikely Reading about it on d, I came across an angry exchange between two reviewers one complained on the Harry thing and the other said the complainer had missed the point, implying some arcane significance to them all being Harry that was obvious to the ins Hmmm, [...]

    18. I ve read this book in the past I has to be one of my favorite short story collections and my favorite Hubert Selby, Jr book I treasure it with my every fiber because of the stories within the text The last being my favorite and inpsiring.

    19. una serie di racconti, in alcuni casi pi schizzi di personaggi che racconti veri e propri, che hanno come elemento comune la stranezza, e spesso la durezza, della vita alcuni casi per si fa fatica io ho fatto fatica a seguire il filo e o a comprendere il senso.

    20. I primi racconti trasmettono solo tristezza, da Pubert in poi trovo maggiore profondit L edizione non fornisce riferimenti temporali, quindi non so se si tratti di un caso o di un percorso di maturazione dell autore.

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